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United States visas

The American Treaty Trader Visa E-1

The American Treaty Trader Visa  E-1

The visa E-1 is granted to anyone coming into the United States to engage into commercial trades. 

Any person asking for an E-1 visa must own at least 50% of the company. This visa is also attributed to the company’s employees, such as Managers, Executive Officers and Specialized Knowledge workers. 

The E-1 visa is for foreigners whose country of origin has a commercial treaty with the United States. 

The following list indicates the countries possessing a commercial treaty with the United States, allowing the application for a visa E-1.


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Nexus Card

Members of your personnel cross the border on a regular basis? Facilitate their crossings by using NEXUS.

NEXUS is designed to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States.

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Investor visa E-2

This visa is designed for Canadians having already invested or intending to make substantial investments in a company. The investment must indeed be substantial and attest at least 50 % of ownership.

The applicant must be experienced in, and going to undertake a managerial and executive key role to the success of the company.

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Temporary Business Visa B-1


  1. Be a citizen of a foreign country admissible to the United States;

  2. Visit the United States for a specific limited time period not exceeding 6 months;

  3. Respect the itinerary given to the Immigration Officer;

  4. The person may not be remunerated by an American entity.

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Intra-Company Transferee visa L-1


The total continuous amount of time that can be spent on an Intra-Company Visa type A (Executive & Manager) is seven years and five years as a type B (Specialized Knowledge). After that period, the alien must leave the United States for at least one year (1) before being admitted again. 

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